Pig on a Spit

Pig on a Spit Sauce

4 tbl
minced garlic
3 tbl
oregano (crushed, not ground)
1 tbl
black pepper
orange juice

juice of one lemon

My folks got this recipe when we lived in Puerto Rico.  It's sour and damn salty but tastes great on a dead porker. My father used to use it to cook a whole pig over a fire. If you happen to have a whole pig lying around, make a few cuts through the skin on the sides and hams when you put it on the spit. Most of the sauce will run off as the pig heats up and the fat renders, so keep reapplying the marinade often. A plastic soft drink bottle with a hole drilled in the top works well. This also works well on a large hunk of pork (ham, butt, etc) cooked on the grill.

Just mix it all together.