Barbecue Shrimp

I have no idea why this is called "barbecued" shrimp? You wonít go near the barbecue when you make it but it is absolutely one of the most delicious meals you will ever taste. Iíve been told it was created at Pascal's Manale Restaurant on Napoleon Avenue in New Orleans. If you donít know your way around New Orleans youíll never find Napoleon Ave much less Pascal's Manale.

There are a couple of things you will need to know. Traditionally, the shrimp are not de-headed. If you can't stand their beady little eyes staring at you, pull the heads off before you cook em. We like to peel the shrimp and leave only the last section of the shell on like cocktail shrimp. Its a lot less messy that way. One of the key ingredients is the rosemary. If you canít get fresh rosemary, DON'T MAKE THIS DISH! Itís that important. Lastly, if youíre a heart surgeon, or a health nut you will toss this recipe in the trash and cook something else after reading the first ingredient.  (This feeds 3 - 4 people,... double it if you need to.)

1 lb butter (Thatís right! A whole frigging pound! Four sticks. Quit whining. Real Salted Butter only!)
2 tbl creole seasoning
3 tbl chopped rosemary leaves (fresh, not dried)
1 tbl fresh ground pepper
ľ cup Worcestershire sauce
ľ cup good beer (good dark beer, not that mainstream swill)
2 tbl minced garlic, finely minced (or as much as you like)
Ĺ medium onion, finely chopped
2 ribs celery, finely chopped
Ĺ cup chopped parsley
2 Ĺ lb shrimp

Melt 2 sticks of the butter in a skillet. Saute the garlic, onions, celery, parsley, rosemary and seasonings for about 2 - 3 minutes. (If you are like me youíre thinkingÖwhy put in the parsley, it doesnít have any flavor. Normally I consider parsley to be an unnecessary ingredient, but in this case it really is needed. It gives the sauce more bulk).

Add the rest of the butter. Add the beer (drink the rest of the bottle). Add the Worcestershire and stir until the butter melts.

Place the shrimp in a large baking dish. Pour the seasoned butter over the shrimp. Make sure the shrimp are covered. If they're not ... melt more butter and add to the sauce. (Thatís right, more frigging butter). Bake in a 350o oven about 15 minutes or until the shrimp turn pink. No More! The shrimp will be hard to peel if you overcook them.

Serve the shrimp in bowls with lots of the spicy butter sauce over it. Roll up your sleeves and dig in. Serve with plenty of French bread to sop up da sauce!

This dish has enough cholesterol to kill a horse, but what a way to go