Corn Salsa

Roasted Corn Salsa

This makes a mild corn salsa.  If you want a little heat, leave the ribs and seeds in the jalapeno.

ears of corn with the the husks and silk removed
2 tbl
Roma tomatoes, diced

red onion, diced
jalapeno, ribs and seeds removed and diced
1 tbl
granulated garlic
cilantro, chopped
3 tbl
lime juice, freshly squeezed if possible
1 tsp
black pepper

Preheat your grill on medium high. While the grill is heating, dice the tomatoes and put them in a colander.  Put the colander in the sink and let the tomatoes drain.  While the tomatoes drain, brush corn with the oil and cook on the grill turning often, until about half the kernels are brown.  This should take about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove corn from grill, let it cool, and use a sharp knife to cut the kernels from cobs.

Now combine corn, tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro, lime juice, salt, and pepper in a medium bowl. Mix well.  This gets better after a few hours in the fridge.