Hot Italian Sausage

Mom & Dad's Hot Sausage

My mother and father used to make homemade hot Italian sausage when we were kids.  It's good, it's spicy, and it brings back memories.  Luckily my brother saved their recipe.  Here it is.  

8 Lbs
pork butt
32 mm
sausage casings
large cloves of garlic
3 tbl
bay leaves
ground allspice
3 tbl
ground black pepper
3 tbl
crushed red pepper
2 tbl
4 tsp fennel seeds
2 tsp whole thyme, not crushed

Cut the pork off the bone into 1" to 1 pieces in a large bowl and put the bowl in the fridge.  Sausage should always be made cold.  Put the garlic, salt, bay leaves, allspice, black pepper, red pepper, nutmeg, and paprika in a food processor and process until smooth.  Take the this mixture out of the food processor and mix it into the pork thoroughly.  Set up the grinder with a 3/16 or 5/16 disk and grind the meat into a bowl.  Add the fennel seeds and thyme and mix thoroughly.  Now fill a sausage stuffer and set it up with 32mm hog casing.  Tie one end of the casing shut and poke a small hole in the casing with a toothpick for air to get out.  Stuff the casing, twisting it every 6 to 9.  Lay the sausage on a wax paper covered platter in layers.  Freeze overnight.  Separate into gallon Ziploc bags and store in the freezer.