Deep Dish Pizza
Deep Dish Pizza


1 cups + 2Tbl

warm milk (105 to 115)

2 cups

bread flour

2 cups
AP flour
1 tsp
3 tbl
2 packets
rapid rise yeast (or 1 tbl if you buy yeast in a jar)


spaghetti sauce (we use RAG Sauted Onion & Garlic)
1 Lb
breakfast sausage, browned and drained
pepperoni, sliced
mushrooms, sliced

small onion, diced
1 Lb
mozzarella cheese

Heat the milk to 120 Put the milk, salt, yeast, sugar, and AP flour into the mixing bowl and mix with the spiral dough hook on speed #2 for two minutes.  Add the bread flour and knead for 5 minutes.  Spray a bowl with cooking spray, drop the dough into the bowl, spray the outside of the dough with cooking spray, cover with plastic wrap, and put it in a warm place until it is doubled.  Take the dough out place it into a greased rectangular baking pan (we use a 11.5" X 17.5" pan) and form a raised edge.  Heat the oven to 400. Spoon the sauce on the dough as thick as you like.  Add half the cheese, onions, mushrooms, and sausage.  Sprinkle the other half of the cheese on top.  Bake the pizza for 20 minutes.